Sniqueaway is a free, members-only private sale site, providing exclusive access to deals on top hotels at deep discounts.

This is a US-based online travel experience that brings its members exclusive, limited-time offers on the world's most dazzling properties. For the first time, private sale meets crowdsourcing approval; SniqueAway is the first members-only site where each offer is endorsed by the people.

All qualifying hotels featured on SniqueAway must have earned a minimum four-star rating classification (or equivalent for smaller properties) and four out of five review ratings on TripAdvisor. Corresponding TripAdvisor® reviews are shown alongside limited-time, members-only offers, providing quick insight into how other travelers view the hotel and making it easy to book a room before they sell out.

SniqueAway is part of Smarter Travel Media a TripAdvisor Media Group company. TripAdvisor offers the world's most trusted travel advice. SniqueAway takes full advantage of this advice by bringing allowing members to easily access the recommendations and guidance of millions of travelers.

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