SmarterTravel® is one of the largest online travel resources of independent expert advice for the budget-conscious traveler. The SmarterTravel editorial staff provides advice and analysis to help travelers find the best deals and get the most value from their trips. With pages for deals, vacation guides, and travel advice, SmarterTravel offers numerous opportunities such as targeted advertiser messaging.

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  • Email Subscribers: Over 3M

In addition, advertisers have the opportunity to directly influence the SmarterTravel opted-in subscribers by featuring offers in newsletters with editorially chosen deals, advice, and industry news geared toward that particular newsletter's audience.

Site Display Opportunities

SmarterTravel offers several display advertising options to promote your brand. Opportunities include destination pages, travel advice, content pages, destination deals pages, and more.

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HTML Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

Daily Deal Alert

Deal Alert covers the best travel deals and advice as selected by our editors, including airfare sales, hotel specials, car rental discounts, and vacation packages.

Delivered daily

Cruise News

Cruise News covers the best deals, latest news, and important money-saving advice for cruise enthusiasts.

Delivered twice monthly

Mile Alert

Mile Alert advises frequent flyers on the latest ways to earn and use miles, including opportunities to earn miles without flying.

Delivered twice monthly

International Last-Minute Airfares

International Last-Minute Airfares covers time sensitive sale fares on international flights that depart from the airport(s) of the user's choice.

Delivered weekly

Last-Minute Airfares

Last-Minute Airfares covers time-sensitive sale fares on flights that depart from the airport(s) of the user's choice.

Delivered weekly

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    5. 120 x 60 Vertical Banner & 5 Text Links
  2. Text Links (Limit 5)


Advertorials allow advertisers to provide in-depth information about product features in an enticing article-style format. Though clearly marked as an advertisement, advertorials get guaranteed teaser blurb placement and link to full landing pages designed by our team to integrate with your creative. Advertorials can be created by the advertiser and submitted for editing or written by SmarterTravel content staff.

Advertorial placement consists of teaser modules, on both the chosen SmarterTravel pages and newsletters, click through to the full content in its own dedicated page. All advertorial creative is subject to SmarterTravel approval, but we work closely with advertisers to ensure each party's satisfaction.

  1. Newsletter and Site (not shown) Advertorial Teaser Placements
  2. Advertorial Landing Page

Sitewide Roadblocks

Gain 100% share of voice with exclusive 24-hour placement of display ads across all site pages. This placement helps advertisers to increase brand awareness and click-through with multiple impressions and positions. At the same time, it also offers the opportunity to create more effective experiences by integrating creative across multiple placements. A Site Premium Roadblock consists of every site display impression on the site for a 24-hour period.

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*comScore Media Metrix, June 2010